Manufacture, Supply & Service of Diesel & LPG Generators for Industry

Our Generators


  • We are a company with capability to provide extensive power solutions up to 2200 kVA to industry, both in the UK and internationally - Stephen McNulty - Sales Executive

  • Our LPG sets massively reduce the risks of contamination associated with diesel generators with their large fuel tanks, and prove to be a big success in reducing noise and environmental pollution - Peter O’Reilly - Operations Director

  • Building on our reputation as a UK generator manufacture, and now in partnership with Onis Visa has enabled us to increase substantially our range of machines suitable for the welfare accommodation, UK rail industry, construction industry. With our ongoing service and maintenance contract, and in conjunction with the very latest telemetry equipment, we can continuously monitor performance ensuring environmentally cleaner power is always delivered to their trains and facilities. - Richard Sutton - CEO